BetterBone Wishbone All Natural Chew
BetterBone Wishbone All Natural Chew
BetterBone Wishbone All Natural Chew
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BetterBone Wishbone All Natural Chew


    BetterBone Dog Bone | Better For Your Dog & The Planet

    The BetterBone Standard Version is the new standard in safety, sustainability, and enjoyment for your dog! Made from two all-natural, and 100% sustainable ingredients, the BetterBone helps to promote dental hygiene through our unique trident-shaped design, all while being non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non-splintering. Keeping your pup satiated, safe, and healthy all while reducing environmental impact is the BetterBone promise.  Our puptomers love BetterBones, chew satisfaction guaranteed!  A simply better alternative to artificial and petroleum-based pet products.


    Winner of the Pet Innovation Awards Dog Toy Product of the year award!

    Materials sourced from and manufactured in Croatia.

      • 100% ECO-FRIENDLY & ALL NATURAL | Made of 2 simple natural ingredients. Sustainably forested wood cellulose fiber and renewable sugarcane-based oil.

      • NON-TOXIC & HYPOALLERGENIC | Absolutely no soy, meat, nylon, nuts, dairy, parabens, BPA, phthalates, or substances of very high concern (SVHC).

      • SPLINTER RESISTANT | Our innovative material is splinter resistant making it safer for your best friend. The bone will flake off as your pup chews it. This is to protect the integrity of your dogs teeth and is entirely designed to do this.

      • TOUGH & READY TO BE CHEWED | Big chewers are our biggest fans. BetterBones perform safer than nylon, hyde, or antler-based products! The bones will flake off as the bone is chewed on, this is meant to protect your pups teeth but will maintain its strength and chewability very well.

      • PROMOTES DENTAL HEALTH | Our innovative trident-shaped design features three unique chew ends: dental nubs, dental ridges, and smooth keep teeth clean!

      • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING, DYES, OR COLORS | We keep it simple for the health of your dog & family. Nothing artificial.

      • EASY TO PICK UP AND CHEW | BetterBone's innovative trident-shaped design makes it ergonomic & easy to chew for days!

      • REDUCE YOUR IMPACT | Our manufacturing process & materials reduce emissions of C02, consumption of fossil fuels, and non-renewables(including the manufacturing processes), and create zero new petroleum-based plastics.

      • PUP SATISFACTION GUARANTEED | Reach out to The BetterBone to speak to our leadership team with questions or concerns.

    100% Sustainable & Renewable. Sustainably forested wood cellulose fiber and renewable sugarcane-based oil. - Materials sourced from & manufactured in Croatia.

    FSC Recycled paper & sustainable non-toxic ink.

    Small- 3.3oz - 5"x4"x1.75"
    Large- 9.8oz - 9"x6"x2.5"