Our Story & Our Mission

Get To Know Me:  Hi y’all!  I am Teresa and I am the face behind Belly Rubs Biscuit Bar and your new friend!  “New friend?” you ask.  Well, I am a girl who was raised in a small coastal town in Southern Virginia who now resides in the bustling DC Suburbs of Northern Virginia.  You can take the southern girl out of the south but you can’t take the Southern Hospitality out of this girl.  So yeah, I make friends with just about everyone I meet.  Things that bring me joy include long walks with my co-pilot Tucker (you will meet him next), the sand between my toes, laughing uncontrollably with friends and just porch sitting with my family.  Is this starting to sound like a dating profile?  I did say we are friends now so I thought you should get to know me!!

Get To Know Our CBO (Chief Biscuit Officer):  Hey Furend!!  I’m Tucker and I give the paw of approval on everything my mom puts in our store.  You see, a lot of what she knows about our supplements and treats is because of me.  I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma (that is cancer in the booty) on March 5th, 2019 and mom was told I only had 6-9 months left with her.  After she ugly cried for a couple of hours she got online and did lots of research about how to fight cancer.  She learned lots about nutrition and supplements and here we are way longer than 6-9 months.  Mom is my bestie and she calls me her co-pilot and we enjoy every day we are blessed with each other’s company.

What Drives Us Every Day:  Taking A Bite Out Of Cancer, One Biscuit At A Time!  Belly Rubs Biscuit Bar is committed to the fight against canine cancer and honoring every precious pup that has courageously fought the disease.  We proudly donate a portion of our profits to organizations that are committed to supporting canine cancer patients and working towards a cure.  It is our goal to one day live in a world free of the cancers that affect countless companion animals and humans globally.